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Ephere Ornatrix For 3ds Max 2021-2023 Win

Ephere Ornatrix For 3ds Max 2021-2023 Win

One of the best and most professional plugins for creating hair, wool, fluff, etc., and any 3D model that has a sharp structure, is to use the Ornatrix plugin made by Ephere. This 3D Max plugin, by combining and using several tools at the same time, will automatically and very quickly create your controllable model.

One of the most important advantages of this plugin compared to the default 3ds max tools is the simplicity of the user interface and extraordinary execution speed, high rendering speed, the ability to cover wide brightness, and compatibility with the most famous rendering engines for Maya and 3D Max, etc.

The most important features of Ornatrix plugin

  • Great control over the shape, shape and curl of the hair
  • Excellent compatibility with 3ds max
  • Compatible with Render VRay and Mental Ray plugins
  • Combination of multiple UV channels for advanced texturing
  • Random and Scatter controlled control on materials and shaders
  • Creating the desired proxy mesh and spreading them on the hair
  • Release control for hair growth
  • Full compatibility with all types of 3ds max modifiers
  • Convenient use of groom preset system
  • Making hair in the environment of the software is completely friends and friendly operators
  • A group of commands with non-destructive filtering
  • Multiple dynamics options for all types of simulations
  • Using super practical brushes Brush, comb, cut hair
  • Various import and export options
  • Using the mesh strips system to make hair
  • Quick definition of flow of fur on surfaces in the form of arrows

Key features:

  1. Procedural hair
  2. Build hair with a set of friendly operators
  3. Strand groups for non-destructive filtering
  4. Multiple dynamics options for all types of simulation
  5. Familiar iterative refinement workflow
  6. Easy to use groom preset system


Ephere Ornatrix For 3ds Max 2021-2023 Win

Ephere Ornatrix for 3ds Max 2014-2019 Win x64


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