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Hard Surface Modeling for Films

CGMaster Academy – Hard Surface Modeling for Films download

CGMaster Academy – Hard Surface Modeling for Films free download

On This page you can download Hard Surface Modeling for Films, video course from CGMaster Academy with High Speed & Direct link.

By The End of This training Course, you learned difference between surface modeling and solid modeling? and enhance your skills for hard surface modeling techniques for Films

Prepare hard surface models for VFX: This course covers the creation of VFX production assets of an inorganic nature. Lectures will cover creation of form, efficient manipulation of topology, the art of kitbashing, scene organization, texture preparation, light rigging techniques that will aid in the modeling process, and final rendering. Students will learn the process of efficiently creating high-quality hard surface models from concept to completion, and complete exercises that will give them the tools to overcome typical challenges faced by production artists.

MATERIALS:   Maya (or equivalent) and ZBrush (or equivalent) 

Week 1 | Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling
Week 2 | Blocking out Models
Week 3 | Hard Surface Sculpture and Retopology Workflow
Week 4 | Large Scale Model Details and Radial Modeling
Week 5 | Modeling Greebles
Week 6 | Kitbashing Techniques
Week 7 | Mechanical Modeling
Week 8 | NURBS Curve Tools for Modeling
Week 9 | UV Packing, Tips & Tricks
Week 10 | Lighting, Rendering, and Hard Surface Modeling Alternatives

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • SKILLS LEVEL:   Intermediate
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

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