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[Free] NVidia Flex – lucid Physics

NVidia Flex – lucid Physics free download

NVidia Flex – lucid Physics (3ds max plugin)

lucid physics plugin, which is another work of NVidia Flex company, which can be said that every 3ds max user definitely needs it. It is very fast and powerful and you can use it for any physical simulation. It has a great option for any general task, which can easily achieve all kinds of effects and animations!

One of the best real-time plugins for particle simulation is the Lucid Physics plugin for 3D Max. This plugin is fully compatible with most plugins and peripheral software, and the capabilities of this plugin are so great that it can be used as a physical system. He knew the complete complete physics system.

Lucid physics plugin is deeply compatible with 3dsmax integration and so far, many video tutorials have been prepared for it! This plugin can be used as a free demo, and you can download its full cracked version on the 3dmaxfarsi website.

The most important features of lucid physics plugin

  • Hair simulation
  • Fluids simulation
  • Rope and chain simulation
  • Recording simulation
  • Ability to identify forces
  • High Zerolation and Excellent Particle RadiusSimulation of Fluids and Gases
  • Compatible with Particle Flow system
  • Particle Display preview system
  • Ability to define unit for scene Scene Units Setup
  • Simulation of Rigid Objects
  • Simulation of surfaces and soft objects
  • The ability to animate the change of materials Physics Material
  • Simulation of Playing Back and Retiming
  • Real-time simulation modes
  • Simulation of grains and legumes and the collision of objects Collision Objects
  • Managing Simulated Objects

NVidia Flex – lucid Physics

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