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3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training

3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training free download

Udemy – 3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training

On This page you can buy and download 3D Revit Hands-on Workshop + 4 hour live-online training, video course from Udemy with High Speed & Direct link.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to work on a project from start to finish such as project planning, modeling, materials, lighting & rendering. After this course, you will have created your own architectural visualization.

Hello and welcome to this 3D to hands on workshop. My name’s Trent Edwards and I’m one of the live supervisors here with three DTI or three Training Institute here in this introductory video. We’re going to discuss exactly what’s included in this hands on workshop and also what to expect in the included for our live online session and how to register for that class. Now first things first you’ll need the 3D software to be able to work alongside these videos and complete the project. So the next video in this series will help you to download the trial version of the software. After downloading the trial you’ll have 30 days to be able to work on this assignment and also attend a live online session to get the best experience. Now if you’re interested in seeing how you can access a three year license for free of the Autodesk software package then we encourage you to attend one of our intro classes and information on how you can register for one of these free intro classes to learn more about that three year license.

This is a very unique type of learning experience because it’s not just a video training and it’s not just a live lead lecture but really it’s a combination of self-paced learning and the live online instruction here we’re able to get a combination of the benefits of both. You’ll be able to learn using the videos and you’ll be able to get the answers to the questions that you have from the certified instructor. So here are the next immediate steps the next step will be activating your trial version of the software. And you can use the next video to help you in that process. Then it’ll be going through the learn and practice videos as you work on your project. Now this is going to be self-paced will once you complete this project assignment. Then you can watch the final video the next steps video and that will show you how you can register and schedule for an upcoming Live session to me with a certified instructor. So from everyone here at three-D training institute we hope that you enjoy this very unique type of learning experience.

  • Level : Beginner
  • Duration: +4h
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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