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Cert Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional

Cert Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional free download

Lynda – Cert Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional Download

On This page you can download Cert Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional, video course from Lynda (Updated: October 2018), with High Speed & Direct link.

Welcome to this Revit Architecture Certified Professional prep course, and what we’re going to do is take you through all of the topics and exercises that you may need to review, revise, and prepare for your Revit Architecture Certified Professional examination. Now bear in mind, this particular course is no guarantee that you will pass your examination. That’s entirely up to you and the knowledge that you have around Revit Architecture.

But the idea being is all of these exercises, as I said, will allow you to review, revise, and prepare. They’ll give you some of the knowledge that you need perhaps to answer a few of the questions in your certification exams. So let’s get moving now, and get you into the exercises and we’ll work through the videos and we’ll get you getting prepared to take your Revit Certified Professional examination.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to Study to become a Revit Architecture certified professional. Build your Revit skills while you prepare for the key objectives of the exam, including collaboration, documentation, modeling, and views.

Cert Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional Topics include:

    • What is Autodesk certification?
    • Importing DWG and image files
    • Using worksharing and worksharing visualization
    • Creating and modifying fill regions
    • Placing details
    • Tagging elements
    • Working with family types and parameters
    • Modeling different architectural elements
    • Creating views
    • Organizing and sorting items in a schedule
    • Duration: 3h 29m
    • Skill Level : Intermediate
    • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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