Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes in Maya

pluralsight Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes in Maya download

Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes in Maya free download

On This page you can download pluralsight Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes in Maya , (Video tutorial) with High Speed & Direct link.

Maya 3D modeling training: In this series of Maya tutorials (Maya tutorial) we will deal with the basic principles of Maya modeling polygons. We will look at common problems (troubleshooting models) that usually occur during modeling and its solutions.

We will do the whole training based on the two main groups of primary volumes (using primitives) as well as models and forms imported from other software. And we will discuss edge flow, geometry amount, edge tension

At the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of creating and editing volumes and forms created. The focus of this training is on the process of working with computer modeling and it is used for other 3D applications (preferred 3D modeling application).

Summary and introduction of training topics:

  • Investigate modeling tricks and tips tips techniques
  • Computer modeling
  • Talk about texture and surface texture
  • Fixing spherical poles
  • Beveling corners
  • Complete the chamfering process
  • Working with Bull Beveling options
  • Covering the bulls Converging bevels
  • The difference between beveling fencing
  • Modeling basic forms
  • Complete training on working with Applying Booleans
  • Learning to work with reference objects Referencing objects
  • Working with early volumes of Maya primitives
  • How to use Maya Maya volumes
  • Training to work with Transform Component tools
  • Booleaning curved object
  • Working with Cutting close bevels tools
  • Use reference objects to measure
  • Line drawing tutorial
  • Transitioning bevels
  • Using repetition
  • Applying the original volumes of Maya
  • Continue the previous step
  • Use primitive objects
  • Secondary objects
  • Conclusion and conclusion of the project
  • Duration: 4:36
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes
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