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Turbosquid – Blonde in Dress

Turbosquid - Blonde in Dress free download

Turbosquid - Blonde in Dress by PeartVision

Turbosquid – Blonde in Dress by PeartVision


This is a concept 3D model of blonde woman character in dress (Rigged + Facial animation).

Originally created with Autodesk 3ds Max 2010. The model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film close-up, advertising, etc.


This product includes two 3ds Max versions:

A. With V-Ray renderer setups (SSS-materials, displacement maps, V-Ray lights)
B. With Scanline standard renderer setups (Standard materials, no displacement maps, basic lighting)

High-Heeled setup. Bone structure is built taking into consideration the heel height of shoes and gives perfect results with the included set of shoes.

Model is built to real-world scale. Units used: Centimeters. The character is 168 cm tall, and 177 cm on heels.

Character has one haircut included. It is created with geometry and alpha maps. No third-party plug-ins needed.

All clothings shown on previews are included.

All preview images rendered with V-Ray (information about rendering time you can find below).

You can download a manual describing how to set the character in pose, control facial animation and render under ‘Other files’.

….::: TEXTURES :::….

Total number of textures is 13. SSS-material for skin uses 6 high-res textures (resolution up to 8192x8192px). Other textures resolutions vary between 550×500 to 5400×5400. Most textures come in .JPG. Total size of all textures is 138 MB.


Body and clothings rigged and skinned (Biped + Skin).
Facial animation controlled by Morpher modifier. Morpher is wired to viewport sliders. Facial animation is controlled with 26 morph targets. Viewport sliders give full control of the face – mouth, eyes, iris, brows, jaw. Facial expressions: mouth open; smile (close); smile (open); anger; fright; frown; jaw left-right; jaw front; eyebrows left up-down (both or separately); eyes close; eyes widely open; eyes iris (pupil size).
The model has no animation keys set up, but can be easily animated with assigned morph targets and bips. You can also import data obtained through Motion Capture.

….::: POLYCOUNTS :::….

Total polycount of the scene with subdivision turned off for all objects: 13752 faces, 14298 vertices.
Polycount for body object with subdivision turned off: 5365 faces, 5374 vertices.
Most objects require 1-2 iterations of MeshSmooth/TurboSmooth for obtaining good results for close-up render. Files come with subdivision turned on with iterations set to these values, model is ready for good quality rendering.

….::: RENDERING TIME :::….

A general render covering the whole body at 1600x1200px resolution on Intel Core i7 930 (3.8Ghz, 4 cores/8 threads) takes:

A. With V-Ray setups (SSS-materials, displacement, 2 V-Ray lights) – 2 min 33 sec
B. With Scanline Render setup (standard materials, no displacement, 2 basic lights) – 1 min 06 sec


Turbosquid – Blonde in Dress

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