Fundamentals of 3D Modelling

Rhino 101 - Fundamentals of 3D Modelling download

Rhino 101 - Fundamentals of 3D Modelling free download

On This page you can download Rhino 101 – Fundamentals of 3D Modelling, (Video tutorial) with High Speed & Direct link.

In this Rhino 5 training course, we want to examine the core and the most important features that are provided in Rhino (modeling features) for architectural design.

Rhinoceros software, one of the best and most widely used 3D modeling software for architects and designers provided by Mr. Robert McNeel and his team. And of course, it is one of my favorite design tools. In this course, we will cover the basics of Rhino modeling for your first project. This course is prepared for those who are generally familiar with Rhino 5 and want to learn new tools and features of modeling as well as their application.

We start by getting acquainted with the user interface and how to organize and introduce their features and applications. Then we will talk about Rhino commands, their function and how to execute them. When you open Rhino for the first time, the welcome window You can see that it has the features I mentioned briefly and has 3 tabs: New – Resent -open, which in the New tab, we have the default Rhino templates…

  • Basic understanding of the user interface provided in Rhino Rhino interface
  • Learn how to rotate in Rhino and select objects
  • Comparison and review of Rhino objects and how to use them in architecture
  • How to build 2D lines for 3D drawing and volumes based on mesh
  • Learn how to convert objects and models to each other in Rhino
  • Training on managing rhino files and preventing heavy or damaged rhino models
  • Rapid and practical Rhino modeling tricks and techniques
  1. The Interface
  2. Rhino Commands
  3. 2D Geometry
  4. 3D Geometry
  5. Mouse Navigation
  6. Viewports
  7. Selecting
  8. Rhino Cursor
  9. Constraints, Analysis Commands
  10. 2D Creating
  11. 2D Editing
  12. Control Points
  13. 3D Creating
  14. Solids
  15. 3D Editing
  16. Boolean Operations
  17. Transformation Command
  18. Gumball
  19. Layers, Groups and Blocks
  20. Worksession and Annotations


  • Duration: 2:18
  • Project Files: NOT included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download Rhino 101 – Fundamentals of 3D Modelling

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