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Learn Squared – Production Concept Art with Jan Urschel free downloadOn This page you can download Learn Squared – Production Concept Art with Jan Urschel, (Digital painting photoshop tutorials) with High Speed & Direct link.

Your concept art will never be the same. Industry veteran Jan Urschel is here to show you how to build major production assets following a professional brief. By covering architecture, design and visualization, learn to approach your concept art from a theoretical and technical standpoint.


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Lesson 1
You won’t get far without planning! We’ll start things off by learning how to deconstruct a sample creative brief you might receive from an art director or production designer. After creating a unique outline with our Brief Builder, you’ll begin collecting research and reference to create a mood board. Finally, Jan will cover his most commonly used tools in Modo and Octane to use as a basis for creating sketches during an early design phase.

2 hrs & 36 mins
27 Lectures
Project Files

Lesson 2
Using your design sketches from the previous lesson, you’ll move into the Production phase by refining shapes and details in Photoshop. Jan will then cover his techniques for material research and approach to texture creation. Finally, you’ll create a paintover in Photoshop to use as the main presentation of your building before focusing on framing and composition in later lessons.

1 hr & 56 mins
9 Lectures
Project Files

Lesson 3
Framing the Shot
In order to get the most out of your scene, we’ll explore the possibilities of creatively framing your shots, and directing the photography of your concepts. Jan will cover his workflow for creating lighting and atmosphere, as well as how to integrate them into your environment. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply these various concepts into your building designs for the set of images you produce.

1 hr & 19 mins
11 Lectures
Project Files

Lesson 4
Bringing It Together
Revisit your compositions from the previous lessons and perform final checks on materials, framing, and lighting. Jan will cover invaluable techniques for adding post-processing effects in Octane, and how to get the most out of your images. You’ll then create beautifully detailed final renders to which you can augment using photobash workflows in Photoshop.


  • Duration: 30h
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Learn Squared – Production Concept Art with Jan Urschel (2018)

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