Dosch 3D: Garden Designer

DOSCH DESIGN 3D Garden Designer download

DOSCH DESIGN 3D Garden Designer free download

Dosch 3D: Garden Designer: Models of benches, flowers, fences, weed and other useful things to create a garden design from Dosch, in Clouding: Benches, Bush1-5, Climbing Plants, Fences, Flowerbeds, Flower Clumps, Flowers, Flowers In Pots, Fountains, Grass, Hedges, Path, Pergolas, Pots Boxes, Statues Trees Inbox.

Dosch 3D: Garden Designer is a comprehensive 3D-object library with all the important elements for the design and planning of a garden, or a particular landscape. The product provides the user with 200 3D-models of hedges, shrubs/bushes, flowerbeds, park benches, fences, walkways, lawn areas, as well as a large number of decorative design elements and potted plants. The realistic depiction and visualization of gardens & ornamental landscapes constitutes an important part of architectural planning and marketing.

Use the product for the visualization of:

  • historic and modern parks
  • private gardens
  • public spaces in city planning
  • computer animation, video & film
  • hotel/resort development
  • corporate headquarters landscaping
  • golf course design
  • amusement parks/theme parks
  • street design/green areas
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  • File Format:: 3DS, C4D, Lightwave, OBJ
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

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