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Dosch 3D: Studio Environments

Dosch 3D: Studio Environments download

Dosch 3D: Studio Environments free download
On This page you can download Dosch 3D: Studio Environments, with High Speed & Direct link.

This architectural 3d Scenes product, contains 10 complete environment scenes, ideal for use as virtual studios.Present vehicle concepts, new products, etc. in these perfectly equipped locations

Use the scenes as a starting point for building your own studio, as a “stage” for your products – or use individual elements to create completely new scenes and combinations Dosch 3D: Studio Environments is The completely textured 3D scenes are available in the following file formats: .max

* The cars are not included in the scenes – and were only used for the sample images.

  • File Format: .max
  • Download : Pdf Catalog
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download Dosch 3D: Studio Environments

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