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Greyscalegorilla – Gorilla Grade LUT’s (Updated)

Greyscalegorilla – Gorilla Grade LUT’s free download

Greyscalegorilla – Gorilla Grade LUT’s (Updated)

Greyscalegorilla – Gorilla Grade LUT’s (Updated)

This download file Greyscalegorilla – Gorilla Grade LUT’s (Updated) contains 100 types of ready-made color grading priests that can enhance the appearance of your project and help you to improve the color of the image and excellent color grading in a professional way. Tell a more compelling story.

Greyscalegorilla is proud to present Gorilla Grade LUTs, a collection of 100 different cinematic color degrees that you can easily apply to your video or 3D renderings.

From the LUT color Priest collection to improve the image color of greyscalegorilla gorilla grade luts updated, you can find LUT files and many major digital content production software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, and all software in general. Which support 3D LUT formats, and many more.

Gorilla Grade LUTs Priest Package can quickly and easily calibrate the color of your 3D renders, motion design, live action or even photos. Gorilla Grade LUTs Priest Package has many uses: 3D renders, Modify motion designs, live action movies, or even pictures taken with your mobile phone. Color grading A powerful yet tasteful color degree can take your work to the next level. To send.

There are 5 educational videos in this collection to guide you in working with these priests in After Effects, Premiere, Tip, Photoshop and Fusion software. To download the best collections: Download luts color priests, Premier color priests, color priests Cinematic Premier, download lut Cinematic, download Priest lut for Premier, download lut for Photoshop, color Priest Photoshop, color upgrade Priest Gorillla Grade LUTs and Join us.


  • Update capability: Yes
  • File size: 657 MB
  • File format: .3DL, .CUBE, .LOOK
  • Compatible with software version: After Effects CC 2015+, Premiere Pro CC 2015+, Photoshop CC 2015+, Media Encoder CC 2015+, Speedgrade CC 2015+, Davinci Resolve 9+, Nuke 8+, Fusion 7+ and Avid 8.8+
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Greyscalegorilla – Gorilla Grade LUT’s (Updated)

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