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3D Generalist

Motion Design School – 3D Generalist free download

Motion Design School – 3D Generalist free download

On this page, you can download the Motion Design School – 3D Generalist training course and improve your skills in the field of 3D character design including: modeling, rigging, animation, fabric simulation, texturing, lighting and rendering with the following software: Cinema 4D, upload Marvelous Designer and Redshift plugin.

What is this course about?

Want to create 3D character animations from scratch, but don’t know where to start? This course guides you through the entire classic 3D process from start to finish.

We start by modeling a character using traditional modeling techniques and retopology. You will learn how to transform a character from a joint to complex custom Xpresso systems. As you learn to animate the basic walk cycle using a custom rig, you will develop an intuition for connecting the knowledge of rigging and animation steps.

You can also add more life to your animations by using realistic cloth simulation. In the final step, you assemble the entire scene, create materials and lighting, and finish it in an animated video.

  •  Blocking
  • Head Topology
  • Body Topology
  • Rigging pt. 1. Joints. Skin. Weights
  • Rigging pt. 2. Controllers. Xpresso. IK_FK
  • Rigging pt. 3. Controllers. Forearm Twist. Bendy Bones
  • Rigging pt. 4. Face Rig. Pose Morphs
  • Animation pt. 1. Walk Cycle. Key Frames. Curves
  • Animation pt. 2. Gimbal Lock. Rotation Order. “Knee Popping” fix
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Assembling. Shading. Lighting. Render
  • Level: basic
  • Duration: 9:03
  • Required Software: Cinema 4D, Redshift, Marvelous Designer
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