Electronics (Audio / Video, Computers, Phones, TVs)

The Pixel Lab – Tech Pack for Cinema 4D

The Pixel Lab – Tech Pack for Cinema 4D download

The Pixel Lab – Tech Pack for Cinema 4D free download

On This page you can download The Pixel Lab – Tech Pack for Cinema 4D, Electronics (Audio / Video, Computers, Phones) with High Speed & Direct link.

This pack includes the following C4D models:

  • 3D Printer C4D Model
  • Audio Speaker C4D 3D Model: 3 Versions
  • Blackmagic Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Circuit Board C4D 3D Model
  • Computer Desk C4D 3D Model
  • Curved Ultra HD TV C4D 3D Model
  • DJi Ronin Camera Gimbal C4D 3D Model
  • Drone C4D 3D Model
  • Dynacord Speaker C4D 3D Model
  • Electronic Components C4D 3D Model
  • Ethernet Cables C4D 3D Model
  • Film Projector C4D 3D Model
  • Go Pro Hero 3 C4D 3D Model
  • Go Pro Hero Session C4D 3D Model
  • Headphones C4D 3D Model
  • iMac 2015 C4D 3D Model
  • iMac 2002 Vintage C4D 3D Model
  • 17-40mm Lens C4D 3D Model
  • 28mm Lens C4D 3D Model
  • 50mm Lens C4D 3D Model
  • EF 70-200mm C4D 3D Model
  • Lensbaby C4D 3D Model
  • Marantz Audio Receiver C4D 3D Model
  • Octocopter C4D 3D Model
  • Polaroid Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Radio Retro C4D 3D Model
  • Roto Robot Arm C4D 3D Model
  • Satellite C4D 3D Model
  • ScreenBot C4D 3D Model
  • SD Card C4D 3D Model
  • Security Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Sphere Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Tech Screen C4D 3D Model
  • Telescope C4D 3D Model
  • TV 2011 C4D 3D Model
  • TV Retro C4D 3D Model
  • Vintage Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Vintage Foto Camera C4D 3D Model
  • Vintage Projector C4D 3D Model
  • Wacom Tablet and Pen C4D 3D Model

Tech Pack for Cinema 4D

  • File size: 90 Mb
  • File Format: .c4d + Textures
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download The Pixel Lab – Tech Pack for Cinema4D

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