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TurboSquid Photoreal Dynamic Earth Model

TurboSquid Photoreal Dynamic Earth Model download

TurboSquid Photoreal Dynamic Earth Model free download

On This page you can download TurboSquid Photoreal Dynamic Earth Model, (science, astronomy, planets, 3d earth) with High Speed & Direct link.

4km-resolution photoreal earth model (3ds max 7, scanline renderer) with surface and cloud shaders and accompanying textures as a bonus.

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Basic features:

• Dynamic response to viewing and lighting angle
• Photoreal ‘fog’ model with volumetric atmosphere
• Ready-to-render setup and environment, no external renderers required
• Suitable even for low altitude shots (ISS/shuttlecraft standard orbit) at TV resolution
• Bonus: Free 4km resolution (11,600px wide) diffuse, specular, bump and cloud maps. You may replace those with your own commercial textures.

Added features and enhancements in version 2.0 comprise:

• Viewport slider control over the most important functions
• Revamped shader tree, fixes to some problems, more realism, shorter render times
• Intelligent atmosphere reddening (sunset/sunrise), fully automated depending on viewing and lighting angle
• Optional city nightlights feature
• Optional space nebula feature

This product comes with an elaborate documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: the shader model requires the ColorCorrect plugin for 3ds max 7 through 9, which is freeware. A download link for the plugin is provided within the attached product documentation.

For your convenience, there is also a pre-rendered sequence (stock footage) available, featuring a spectacular close orbit around a refined version of this shader model. See ‘related products’ -> ‘Earth Orbit 360°’

  • File format: .max
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

TurboSquid Photoreal Dynamic Earth Model Download

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