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Unity Asset – Urban Construction Pack

Unity Asset – Urban Construction Pack download

Unity Asset – Urban Construction Pack

Unity Asset – Urban Construction Pack

Urban Construction Pack includes all the important parts of urban space. Such as: Buildings, Bridges Bridge, Roads, Signs and Sign You can also use these elements to build your own urban space.

When you want to create a large 3D space for your game, you need to be able to strike a balance between quality, performance and variety. If you can not do this, you will eventually have to rework in the final stage and production and change the models or your renderings will not be of good quality.

Most importantly for mobile development projects developing for mobile devices and…. This is where the wonderful objects of this Urban Construction Kit set can help you.

Using premade buildings is a great way to build a level game. Because all you have to do is use your creativity and art and get rid of the tedious process of designing, modeling, texturing models. You will.

Note: Some functions and functions are built into Unity and may not work with other software. Note that you can use iContent objects in other 3D software such as Maya, Max, DAZ or even motors Other game developers like Unreal Engine Unreal, but you must have iContent software to be able to transfer these models to other common formats such as FBX, OBJ or BVH formats.

Built from the ground-up for mobile devices, the Urban Construction Pack is the definitive way to create the best looking and best optimized city environment for your projects.

  • Current Version: 1.801
  • 5 architectural styles with 3-5 pre made buildings.
  • Each style has a large set of modular pieces to create your own building.
  • Complete road and highway sets: one lane, two lanes, intersections, long and short turns.
  • Custom Scripts to help you work (Mesh Combine, Teleport, Align)
  • A scripted traffic light system, walls, sidewalks, poles, signs, stairways and SO much more!

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