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Digital Tutors – ZBrush Sculpt a Scarecrow free download

On This page you can download lynda – ZBrush Sculpt a Scarecrow, (video tutorial courses) with High Speed & Direct link.

This course includes zero to one hundred design and modeling based on the original concept art, and modeling and sculpting this course, starting with working on models with partial and low poly poly base in ZBrush.

Once we get to ZBrush, I will show you step by step how to turn a simple raw, low-detail model into a highly detailed sculpt using 3D subtools. .

After completing the ZBrush sculpt process, I will show you how to work with a sculptural pen and the truly magical ZBrush light poly painting technique. Finally, simple but effective methods for layer render layer maps. I will show you ZBrush’s VPR rendering tool.

Finally, we will get some beautiful and attractive renderings in ZBrush, and of course, we will review the general tricks and applied techniques during the training. Let’s start sooner.

For professional ZBrush users, this course is cool, and for novice users, it’s quite surprising to learn this design technique with ZBrush.

ZBrush is one of the best and most powerful character modeling software for powerful digital sculpting techniques that you can use to create creative models. In this course, we will build a Halloween scarecrow and work with techniques such as zrush sculpting DynaMesh. At ZBrush, we design and model textiles and costumes, design hats with canvas material, and carve on Halloween pumpkins.

Topics include:

  • Creating base meshes
  • Using DynaMesh and ZRemesher
  • Creating a rope by drawing a curve with a custom brush
  • Sculpting buttons, a hat, and gloves
  • Texturing the scarecrow
  • Creating wood grain
  • Exporting subtools to Maya for adjustments
  • Rigging in Maya
  • Polypainting in ZBrush
  • Creating a final render in Photoshop
  • Duration: 4:45
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes
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