Zero-G: Ambient Soundware (sound effect)

Zero-G: Ambient Soundware (sound effect) free download

Zero-G Ambient Soundware (sound effect) free download

Zero-G Ambient Soundware (sound effect)

You can download a combination of the best and richest sound effects to design and produce great sounds in this Zero-G Ambient Soundware environment package.

A beautiful 3.2Gb collection of ambient atmospheres, pads, arps, textures and chords with a cinematic and strong emphasis on atmospheric and harmonic content. The library is divided into five categories dedicated to creating lush audio environments and harmonious foundations that you can expand into more complex compositions by adding drums, bass, vocals, or any other type of head melody.

Unparalleled sound quality, combined with rich harmonic content and stamps, make this library an excellent source of audio material to lay the groundwork for more complex songs as well as to complement pre-existing compositions that require some fine detail. You can also use the library to easily create subtle and complex backgrounds for modern cinematic music or EDM.

All samples are cleared in the previous 24-bit audio and are used without the use of additional licenses, preset and 100% original and without royalties.

A collection of sound and environmental effects called Zero-G Ambient Soundware is sold on the manufacturer’s site for ($ 69.99) US dollars, which you can easily download here, which contains a library of 600 atmospheric and harmonic sound effects for cinematic sound effects. It is accompanied by atmospheric sounds, transitions, cinematic effects and….

All sounds and effects are mastered for professional use in 24-bit quality, you just need to drag each one and put it in your audio or video editor timeline. These powerful sound effects can create a tremendous sense of suspense and tension in your videos.

The sounds are in Wav, AIFF, EXS24, HALion and NN-XT formats.


  • File size: 5.67 GB
  • Number of effects: 600
  • Number of categories: 5
  • Audio format: Wav, AIFF, EXS24, HALion, NN-XT
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Zero-G Ambient Soundware (sound effect)

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