Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Tools

Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Tools free download

Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Tools free download

Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Tools (sound effect)

This download file is full of new and tested cinematic sounds that are used to make all kinds of atmospheric loops, drum loops, movie hits and..

Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Tools A complete library of 141 high-quality atmospheric sound effects, transitions, cinematic and environmental effects (24-bit mastered) that are quite powerful and can give a great sense of suspense or tension in videos. And create your own motion graphics.

Sounds in Wav formats are included in the Laniakea Cinematic Tools sound effects file collection, which is great for sounding cinematic effects.

‘Laniquea Sounds: Cinematic Tools’ is a new example of the Laniakea Sounds cinematic sound library that provides you with fresh and experimental cinematic sounds including atomic atoms, unique sound atmospheres, fledgling music circles, fear of background correlations and Offers massive drama loops.

The ‘Cinematic Instruments’ details include various purposes for cinematic music, including a soft, dark atmosphere created by fading and fading options to make them easier to work with. The singing atmospheres are full of amazing to provide epic shadows for your productions.

Also, you can find a large selection of experimental music loops from vacation brasses and drones to soft organic elements. Using the background environment is the best way to give your song a unique atmosphere and make it live.

  1. Background_Ambiences
  2. Cinematic_Hits_&_Whooshes
  3. Epic_Vocal_Atmospheres
  4. Ethereal_Cinematic_Atmospheres
  5. Experimental_Drum_Loops
  6. Haunting_Music_Loops


  • File size: 404 MB
  • Audio format: Wav
  • Number of effects: 141
  • Number of categories: 6
  • Instant download high speed : Yes


Laniakea Sounds: Cinematic Tools

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