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Optimizing Video Footage in After Effects

pluralsight Optimizing Video Footage in After Effects download

Optimizing Video Footage in After Effects free download

On This page you can download pluralsight Optimizing Video Footage in After Effects , (Video tutorial) with High Speed & Direct link.

In this series of aftereffect video editing tutorials, we will look at different ways to enhance video footage in Aftereffect (Optimizing Video Footage). We eliminate the shake on the video during filming and also smooth and smooth it and also talk about different types of settings for different footage to finally achieve the desired result. Also black spots on the film due to dirty lenses. We remove the camera. We will also teach a lot of tracking information and operations. Video and training exercises for working with footage footage, correction tools, Dirty stamp, aftereffect, and working with lens, mocha and Stabilize lenses.

  • Duration: 0:42
  • Project Files: included
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