Architectural Previsualization in Maya

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Maya training in external 3d modeling, rendering of architecture: In the previous lesson, we had a Persian tutorial for rendering Maya post production. In this external rendering tutorial, we render the volume model of a concrete-glass tower from the beginning to the end in Maya modeling. We use many Maya modeling tools.

We use deformers and sweeping curves to make balconies and railings. After completing its volume, we will start the process of making and editing materials and textures, materials and textures. Then, we will properly use hdri lighting and rendering.

At the end of this course you will be able to capture the 3D volumes and models you have in mind in the Maya software environment.

Topics include :

  1. Introducing the project and summarizing the topics
  2. Start modeling with just a simple box
  3. Modeling the sub-volume and side of the building
  4. Modeling the connecting floor between 2 volumes
  5. Learn how to make a window on Maya volume
  6. Construction of balconies and terraces for the upper floors
  7. Fence modeling for balconies
  8. Modeling and adding the main building entrance
  9. Learning to build the front door head and its structural structure
  10. Entrance door modeling training
  11. Construction of green space, stairs and entrances
  12. Build and add architectural elements to the second building
  13. Create and add trees and green spaces in Maya with Paint Effects
  14. Manufacture (UVs) for window materials
  15. Scene source management with Render Proxies
  16. Making UVs for the second floor window
  17. Composite and wrap View with page view perspective to a background plate
  18. Learn how to make and use HDRI in Maya image based lighting
  19. Add direct light sources to the scene
  20. Construction of materials for the exterior of the building
  21. Construction of grid for outdoor glass
  22. Completion of building body glass
  23. Making composite material for facade brushed metal in maya
  24. Making shiny materials and mirrors for minor irregularities
  25. Create an object to reflect on casting shadow casting objects
  26. Apply the latest changes to the Maya scene
  27. Latest edits and post-production in Photoshop
  • Duration: 4:12
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes
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