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Lynda – After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training VFX

Lynda – After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training VFX free download

Lynda – After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training VFX

Lynda – After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training VFX

In this After Effects CC 2019 software training course, you can get acquainted with the available features and tools of Aftereffect for creating VFX special effects from Linda site.

Learn how to create stunning visual effects with one of the most widely used and highly regarded composite applications called After Effects CC 2019. Then dive into the world of virtual reality as Allen explores features The immersive 360-degree VRs introduced at After Effects CC 2019 are sinking into the world of virtual reality. In the final chapter of the project, you can challenge your new skills by putting the techniques into a real, challenging world.

If you’ve ever seen a bestseller, and I guess you do, then you have some magic that brings the world of visual effects to the screen.

Adobe After Effects is responsible for creating some of this magic and has never had access to it, which means you can also learn to fool visual effects.

In my LinkedIn learning lesson, my goal is to help you visualize effects by learning the necessities behind effects, such as tracking 3D elements for filming, working with the green screen, and destroying everything with a shaky effect. Many, many more, help.

Learn how to make precision and key masks, use rotoscoping to separate foreground from background, perform motion and tracking camera, and add your own 3D elements to a scene and learn how to use effects like particles and heads And sound to create fire, replace the sky, etc. Join us in After Effects CC 2019 software.

  • Tracking masks in Motion
  • After Effects Keying training
  • Camera and motion tracking training
  • Rotoscoping training with MochaAE CC
  • How to work with 3D layers Working with 3D layers
  • Learn how to make a After Effects destruction with Shatter
  • Compositing training in 3D rendering Compositing 3D renders
  • Learning to create and use effects in After Effects Using effects
  • Complete rendering and output training in After Effects Rendering
  • Creating transparent layers and elements After Effects transparency
  • Learning to create fire effects with particles Creating fire with particles
  • Creating a virtual reality experience in After Effects virtual reality experiences
  • Learn the effect of distortion on layers in After Effects with the help of the Distorting layers with the Puppet tool

Lynda – After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training VFX

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