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Revit Architecture: Family Editor (Imperial and Metric)

Lynda – Revit Architecture: Family Editor (Imperial and Metric) Download

revit architecture family editor imperial metric

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You’re current Revit project requires a specific piece of content, or maybe a special kind of door. Either way you just don’t have the item you need anywhere in your available resources. So what do you do? You could search endlessly on the Internet, hoping to find exactly the object or symbol you need, and hopefully none of the ones you don’t need. Or perhaps you could simply build it yourself. Hi, I’m Paul F. Aubin, and this scenario is all too common for me and my client firms. I’ve been helping firms create Revit family content for many years. And while at first the family editor can seem complex or intimidating, I’d like to assure you that if you are systematic and follow some basic best practices, it is not only accessible, but it actually can be quite a bit of fun. Whether you need to just supplement your current project with an odd family or two here or there, or you’ve been tasked with creating an entire library of content for use firm wide, my LinkedIn Learning course on the Family Editor is just what you’ll need to confidently tackle any content creation task. So let’s dive right in.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to create standardized content such as furniture, doors, and other architectural components using the Family Editor in Revit.

Revit Architecture: Family Editor (Imperial and Metric) Topics include:

  • Creating annotation and tag families
  • Adding geometry
  • Working with reference planes and constraints
  • Creating extrusions, blends, and sweeps
  • Adding family types
  • Editing element visibility
  • Building complex parametric families
  • Controlling rotation work planes
  • Creating an adaptive component
  • Duration: 8h 13m
  • Skill Level : Intermediate
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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